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  • 466th visitor ★★ Fair 2 out of 5 / Mobile review

    The Corny Dog review on 2016-06-08 20:46:10

    This place is very odd, you place your order with the cook after picking off the busy menu. You then proceed to cash. Cashier was confused, over charged us and then tried to tell me that I wasn't. Ordered gourmet hotdog, it was Schneider wiener sliced down the middle. Plain, no toppings. Fries were small, and over cooked. Onion rings were good, they weren't fresh, but a frozen lump. Hush puppy dessert was very very dry. Family of 4. 1 hot dog combo, 1 poutine combo, 1 large onion rings and 1 medium poutine.1 chocolate milk. 50.00. Menu prices didn't match to prices charged at cash. 8.49 in menu for onion rings, cash charged 8.49.Not worth it.

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